Google hangout could save PCC and local schools £’s

What’s this to do with?

There’s been a lot of talk about schools facing financial pressures and, of course, Peterborough City Council, in recent months.

Sadly, the City Council and many local schools, still spend far too much time sending PDFs, “trying” to arrange meetings, acknowledging apologies and trying to get awareness for events.

So, one way to stop all this archaic activity and thus save money, is to become more effective and efficient, so isn’t it about time to start using Google Hangouts?

What does Darren think?

Peterborough was awarded Smart City of the Year in 2015, apparently beating competition from cities such as Moscow, Dubai and Buenos Aires. Not sure if we entered in 2016?

My point here is, its one thing to win an award and another thing altogether to actually do what needs to be done!

From my experience, as a school governor or a city councillor, there are times when you can’t make a meeting, or get sent loads of PDFs about stuff, that often is not clear in its content.

So why not save time, and thus money, by broadcasting meetings on Google Hangouts?

That way, if you are waiting outside for your child, at a social event etc You could actually log in and contribute, before leaving the hangout.

Or if you get caught in traffic, you could pull over and partake fully?

Perhaps most importantly for local schools, parents could actually watch meetings, LIVE from the comfort of their homes!

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