Barnet Council move their homeless here, but did you know ……?

Barnet Council
Barnet Council’s total Income from Grant and Council Tax for 2017/18 is £271,567,000.

It’s been reported in the local media, that Barnet Council has bought a number of homes in Peterborough, with the aim of using them as temporary social housing for their own homeless families.

On his blog, Tory leader of Peterborough City Council, Cllr John Holdich said:

“As council leader this is immensely frustrating as it will place additional demands on our schools, health services and other resources. It will also lead to increased pressure on the the first-time buyers market.

“We will now be contacting Barnet Council about its intentions…….”

Here’s something you might not know

Barnet Council is run by the Conservatives!

This means not only did another local authority fail to notify our local authority of their plans, but a Tory run Council in London, simply didn’t bother to notify Tory controlled Peterborough City Council!

In fact, as reported in the Peterborough Telegraph, the Council “…only know of its intentions thanks to the Peterborough Telegraph.”

It really does just go to show the lack of respect people and organisations have for our City Council, and clearly this feeling seems to exist amongst Conservative party members themselves?

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One thought on “Barnet Council move their homeless here, but did you know ……?

  • I wouldn’t believe Old Hitch, someone, somewhere knew what was going on and should have reported it to him. Probably just covering their backs.
    If Old Hitch, or his cronies, didn’t get a sniff of what was going on, shows their total ignorance & ineptitude.


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