Amey staff have to wait another 6-7 months for news …..


At the start of this year, the City Council announced they were set to terminate their waste contract with Amey in a bid to save £100,000 every year.

At a subsequent meeting, when I raised the issue, we were told that, essentially we need not worry as the council’s Corporate Director for resources, John Harrison, would be heading up the negotiations.

A few weeks later, Mr Harrison had resigned from his position at the Town Hall, in what “some” suggest are mysterious circumstances?

So why are they in limbo?

Well over the last few weeks, I’ve been speaking privately with Amey staff, who have told me that they were assured that their employment transfer would occur at the end of July 2017, I was then told by an officer at the Town Hall that it would be more likely be the end of this year.

But, at a meeting at the Town Hall, I was told by Simon Machen, that an announcement would be made by the City Council on this matter, in the New Year.

So basically, Amey staff could end up waiting over 6 months, before their employment is transferred back to the City Council, into what I expect to be a joint venture partnership with a private organisation?

Either way it’s not cool…..! Let me know your thoughts below please?

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