56% of reported fly tipping cases NOT investigated!


According to reports, Fly-tipping costs Peterborough City Council more than £200,000 a year to clean up!

With that in mind, I raised my concerns at a Town Hall meeting, and questioned why 56% of reported fly-tipping cases were not investigated in our city?

Tory Councillor Gavin Elsey (who received £14,330 on top of his basic pay last year) responded stating that “…cases where there was not any significant evidence that would allow the perpetrators to be identified would not be investigated, as there was virtually no possibility of success.”

In my opinion, I think we need to see fines tripled and more dedicated enforcement teams introduced, that actually operate throughout the city and investigate more incidents!

The Conservatives at the Town Hall have had 17 years to address this!

Instead, they’ve failed, with unpopular schemes, costly exercises and the removal of community skips!

As always, if you have a suggestion or view please post a comment below!

It’s a shame some people don’t care about discarding rubbish irresponsibly!

2 thoughts on “56% of reported fly tipping cases NOT investigated!

  • Different colour same clap trap!

    Firstly- I don’t get pay I get an allowance and I do on average 35 hours a week for my allowance which equates to about £1.50 per hour.

    Secondly – the fines for fly tipping as you well know are set by magistrates who we have no control over and the maximum fine is £50k but getting them to impose anything over£300 is s faintless task.

    Thirdly- unless people come forward with evidence we cannot prosecute unless there is absolute evidence as to who tipped or we have a witness who is prepared to go on record.

    Why don’t you spend your time doing something that actually has a tangible benefit to anyone other than yourself?


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