What’s YOUR experience of #MentalHealth services in Peterborough?

Westwood Clinic

Mental Health is a growing issue in the Peterborough area, and as a rep on the Health Scrutiny Committee, I can assure you it is regularly spoken about.

However, I’m keen to here from people who have first hand experience of any support (or lack of) they have received?

For example, in previous minutes it stated:

  • The 24/7 mental health help line that covered the whole of Peterborough and Cambridgeshire, only had a children’s mental health specialist available until 5pm at present.
  • That the Clinical Commissioning Group was looking to ensure local services included a single front door for mental health referrals and an examination of how looked after children could be better supported.
  • All of the youth counselling resources across Peterborough and Cambridge were being pooled and a new provider would be starting in January 2018.

Sadly, since 2010 mental health funding has been cut, the number of mental health nurses has fallen by 6,600 and remaining mental health budgets have been raided to plug holes elsewhere in the NHS.

Half of the people with mental health problems as adults present with symptoms by the age of 14.

Yet, across England, only 8% of mental health funding goes to services for children and young people.

Please let me know your thoughts and experiences below!

Any discussion of mental health issues must include the key causes of mental distress in society, including joblessness, debt, insecure and poor housing, insecure employment, crime, domestic violence, lack of social support networks (especially for carers), and the pressure to be successful and conform to a certain type.


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