Guess how much the new Schools at the Paston Reserve are going to cost?

Paston Reserve

Whilst reading through the latest budget proposals from the the City Council, I noticed that money had been allocated for the primary and secondary schools, planned to be built in the area, commonly known, as Manor Drive.

For the Primary School, the Council has allocated just under £7,000,000 between now and 2021, and for the Secondary School, they’ve allocated over £25,000,000.

You might remember that originally, the plan was for just one school on the site, but once the secondary school places shortage kicked in, the Tories at the Town Hall decided to include a secondary school at the location, which also mean nearly 280 affordable homes would no longer be built.

It also meant that the planned opening of the Primary School was delayed by a year.

I’ve now sent of a request for more information on this planned development, relating to aspects like who will be constructing the schools, designing them, naming them and of course pushing for road safety assurances.

As ever, I’d love to read your thoughts and comments on this matter, so please do post below!

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3 thoughts on “Guess how much the new Schools at the Paston Reserve are going to cost?

  • I’m pleased to see we will be adding new schools in Peterborough. My concern is for PE3, however, as we only have 1 secondary (Jack Hunt) covering 9 primaries (Middleton, Sacred Heart, Ravensthorpe, Highlees, West Town, Watergall, Eyrescroft, Thorpe and Longthorpe). PE4 now has 3 secondaries covering 8 primaries (I believe) and the proportions in PE1 & PE2 are greater. There are more secondaries in Hampton than in PE3!
    In respect to the new schools, we must ensure they are opened, as the cost of building them is 1 thing, but maintaining them (including teachers, cooks & supervisory staff) is another for which cuts are not acceptable. I believe the closing of schools has led to the deterioration in education standards in Peterborough, and would be interested t see a graph showing our lSATS levels over the past 10 years.


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