Closure of Co-op Bank, Westgate announced!

Co-Op Bank Peterborough
The bank have themselves actively promoted on-line banking to their customers for some time now.

It seems one business at least, cannot wait for the “exciting” Council redevelopment plans for Westgate, as Peterborough City Council have now been notified of plans to close the Co-operative Bank at 33 Westgate, Peterborough, PE1 1PU.

The decision seems to be due to customers increasingly undertaking “more of their transactions online or via contact-less payments.”

The Bank claim

That during 2017:

  • Of the transactions made in Peterborough branch, 38% of customers were making cash deposits, and 32% were making cash withdrawals.
  • The majority of customers at Peterborough branch hold products with us which can be easily managed via telephone, postal, Online Banking and through local Post Offices®.
  • Peterborough branch customers are more likely to be younger compared to the overall customer base. 16% of our customers are aged below 35 years, with 55% aged between 35 and 65 years. Only 29% of customers are aged over 65 years.

Don’t forget …

You can read the Branch Closure Impact Assessment for Peterborough by visiting HERE!

If you have a view or comment on this news, please do let me know by posting below!

Interestingly ….

The Bank seem to have completely ignored writing to the “other” MP for Peterborough, Shalesh Vara, who covers about 50% of the city??

Co-Op Bank Peterborough
Rubbish Comms Dept? Or perhaps the Co-Op just don’t see the point in writing to Tory MP Shailesh Vara?

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