Cambs Police and Crime Commissioner, wants more Council Tax off you!

Police and Crime Commissioner
Conservative Jason Ablewhite (left) takes home an annual salary of nearly £70,000, and in 2017, gave his fellow Tory, Ray Bisby (right), the job of deputy police and crime commissioner, working 2-3 days a week, and earning £28,000.

As reported in the local mediaConservative Jason Ablewhite, Police and Crime Commissioner for Cambridgeshire, reckons he hasn’t got enough money to run the police force.

He say’s local tax payers have three options:

  1. Pay £12 more a year, so he can can have 55 extra police officers.
  2. Pay an extra £4 a year, to keep the same number of police officers.
  3. No increase, which he claims will mean they lose 23 police officers, or have to cut costs somewhere else.

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I’ve now emailed his office to find out what the plans are for cutting “costs somewhere else“, to see if they have an idea where these would be, and also who it is who’ll make the decision as to where cuts are made?

One thing I would love to know, is just how much it costs (each year) to have a Police Crime Commissioner, I seem to vaguely remember a figure of some £1-£2m a year?

Also, how on earth did the Police manage before this position was created?

Maybe, one way to save some money would be to crap the role of Police Crime Commissioner?

Plz….. let me know YOUR thoughts and opinions below!


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