#FlyTipping persists at #StorringtonWay shops!

Amberley Slope

The problems associated with the land to the rear of the shops situated at the bottom of Storrington Way and Amberley Slope, are pretty much constant throughout the year.

Residents have once again contacted me to raise concerns about the present amount of fly-tipping there and that green bins are overflowing, having seemingly been left by Council Waste contractors, because they contain the wrong type of rubbish!?

I’ve now been told by Gillian Beasley CEO at Peterborough City Council, that the matter will now be investigated, and that the green recycling bins have all been stickered to advise they are contaminated, and a request for the bins to be emptied has been processed. If the bins continue to be contaminated, then the Council will look to remove the green bins.

Gillian also told me, “The fly tip in Storrington Way is on private land owned by the Oslo Group, I will pass this to enforcement to see if they can speak with the land owners.”

Sadly, in my opinion, until the City Council take a strong stance and face up to the owner of the land, who is based in London, I fear we will always be chasing our tales so to speak.

Maybe, the City Council should ask how much he wants for the property, then at least they’d have control on the land, an asset for the future and of course rent from the businesses etc

As always, I’d love your thoughts and view, so please do post them below!

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