#ToriesAtTheTownHall gave millions of £’s to Carillion … !


At the latest meeting of Full Council, at the Town Hall, I stood up and asked the Conservative Cabinet Member for Resourcese at Peterborough City Council, if he could:

“….let me know the names of each of the Cabinet Members that signed off on any Executive Decision relating to procuring services from Carillion, when the last Executive Decision was signed off and how much money the Council has borrowed and given to the aforementioned company?”

In response, Cllr David Seaton told me:

“…procurement of works from Carillion have been signed off by the Cabinet Member for Education, Skills and University in consultation with myself, Cabinet Member for Resources…,” he mentioned that the company had been used on “projects such as Hampton Gardens School” and the Jack Hunt school.

he also admitted that a contract “was signed in June 2017”, worth £6.6 million, just a few weeks before a profit warning given by Carillion in July 2017.

Cllr Seaton, went on to say that he and leader of the Council, Cllr John Holdich, had a meeting “on 17 July… a week after the issues was highlighted, with the Group Finance Director of Carillion and we received a formal letter of ‘reassurance’ and commitment to PCC.”

I stood up and responded by saying:

“Thank you for the response Councillor Seaton. My question is very simple, will you now be writing to your Conservative masters as Whitehall to record your disappointment regarding their negligence in spotting the crises coming down the line and can you assure myself and this chamber that this authority will not be losing any money in the coming months or year in relation to any contracts or relations with Carillion.”

He chose not to answer this question. 

I’d love to know what YOU think? Please let me know your views by posting below!

Given the administrations eagerness to write begging letters to the Government, I would hope that they are now equally keen to ask their Conservative masters at Whitehall, to discover the reason for their negligence in spotting the crisis coming down the line.

At the end of the day, the Council should be protecting public money and using it to benefit the people of this city, not solely to use for vanity projects, gambles or as if they were playing a game incompetent monopoly.

I’ll certainly be keen to hear from local and small businesses, who’ve had dealings with Carilleon.

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