Tories can’t be bothered RE: dropped kerbs request!


At a recent meeting of Full Council at the Town Hall, I asked the Tory Cabinet Member for Growth, Planning, Housing, and Economic Development, Cllr Peter Hiller (the chap who signed off on the unpopular Rhubarb Bridge decision), if he could let me know “..when residents living in and around Chiltern Rise, in Gunthorpe, can look forward to the introduction of dropped kerbs at the T-Junctions with both, Pennine Way and Cheviot Avenue?

Wheelchair User In Road
Wheelchair users and other pedestrians should be able to cross at safe points!

Sadly, the smug Tory, who gets paid thousands and thousands of pounds in extra allowance, Cllr Peter Hiller, couldn’t even be bothered to answer the question, responding, “Our Highway Services has a schedule of works which details improvements across the city, as they are happening, when they are happening and what is scheduled in. If anyone wants to know what is going on in their ward or need highways work doing in their ward have a look at the schedule of works.”

Therefore, I’ve now chased this matter up with the Councils Head of Highway Services, and just hope that this work can be done asap.

Chiltern Rise
Dropped kerbs will benefit, local residents, school children, parents and the elderly, and make it safer for them when crossing the road.

I mean, if people like Cllr Hiller, can find £30m to knock down Rhubarb Bridge, I’m sure they can scrape a couple of grand together to improve walkways for hundreds of local residents in this area?

If you know of any other locations that would benefit from dropped kerbs, please do let me know below!

Pennine Way
Do YOU know of other areas that need dropped kerbs?

One thought on “Tories can’t be bothered RE: dropped kerbs request!

  • My wife uses an electric wheelchair on some corners that do not have dropped kerbs she has to use vehicle ramps several metres from where she wants to cross the road meaning she has to use the roadway which puts her in danger of being hit by a vehicle which poses the question who’s fault would it be


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