Death along #GunthorpeRoad – Details expected later this year

Gunthorpe Road

You might remember last year it was sadly reported in the local media, that a motorcyclist had died following a crash along Gunthorpe Road on Friday, July 28.

This is not the first fatality on this particular stretch of road.

The case is due for inquest in March 2018, and the Police cannot release any details until after then. Cllr Julia Davidson and I have though spoken with staff from the local police, who told us their understanding was that speeding was a factor.

My colleague Cllr Julia Davidson and myself have campaigned for action along this road for a number of years.

And while we’ve seen additional road markings outside of Norwood School, Vehicle Activated Signs and a crossing just before the shops and pub, there is still much, much more we need to do as traffic levels continue to increase.

  • At the October meeting of Full Council last year, I stood up and made reference tyo this sad incident, adding  “…how many people actually have to die on a stretch of road in order for this local authority to properly introduce those road safety measures perhaps like those expensive looking ones located in Glinton?”
  • While at the end of last year, my colleague Cllr Julia Davidson was told by the Tory controlled Council “… that speed is an issue in that particular road but the average speed is something like 19 miles an hour recorded on that particular road.”

I have also now sent a formal request to the police, to ensure that we get to read the findings of the inquest.

What would YOU do? How would you improve this stretch of road, what ACTION would you like to see? Please let me know, by posting below!

8 thoughts on “Death along #GunthorpeRoad – Details expected later this year

  • The council say the average MPH is 19 mph I use to live on Gunthorpe Road and some drivers certainly speed down there something needs to be done may be speed cameras might be the answer


  • It is sad of course, that a death occurred on Gunthorpe Rd last year but there are always idiots that speed on roads whatever you do. Speed cushions are horrific and to people that suffer back or spinal conditions like myself, even doing 1/2 miles an you do v Dr them it is very painful and have to be avoided. I have a sister that lives in Figtree Walk and I used to go and her as she is house bound and I cannot do this any more because of the speed cushions in place along Welland Rd. In my opinion if calming has to be introduced the long wide sleeping policeman type is better. We have even had to have the springs in our car changed because of speed cushions ( & no, we do not speed over them.) If it happens again We may have to consider a claim from the council to help with the repairs. We have even had impatient drivers pass us with two wheels on the pavement on the nearside of us. You can imagine how scary that is. Mountsteven Ave is another road we avoid because of the bumps and we live almost opposite this road, on Fulbridge Road.


    • Thanks for your comments Vicky, I’d be more inclined to see something similar to road safety design as found in Glinton. But, in the first instance, any action must be lead by consultation with local residents.


  • Optical illusion, pain 3D road markings and zebra crossing. It does affect the driver as they don’t know what’s ahead. Even if you know the stretch of road you will still be extra careful. My 3 cents.


  • Please can Coniston Road also have some thoughts with speeding. They use it like a race track. Very dangerous at school times when traffic is parked both sides of the road.


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