Are YOU happy for Council staff to have Body Worn Cameras? #Consultation

Body Camera

Peterborough City Council are presently consulting on whether or not to use body worn cameras for their officers working in the Prevention and Enforcement Service.

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According to the City Council, the scheme would enable officers, “..if they observe an offence occurring, to activate their camera during this offence and their interaction with the offender.”

I’ve now asked the Assistant Director: Community Safety  at the Town Hall to let me know; which other local authorities do this, who’s idea was it, how much is it going to cost i.e. costs of the cameras, which camera models will be used, where will we get them from and who decides on these points and what will the battery life be on these cameras?

What about you?

Have you got a thought or opinion on this? Please do share it below!

PS – Last year, the City Council announced spending OVER £500,000 “upgrading” their CCTV service in the City Centre.

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