You don’t mind paying MORE for your Brown Bin collection, do you?

Brown Bin - Peterborough

Yip! That’s right, the Tories at the Town Hall have decided that to help them balance their budget, they’re gonna charge YOU more for collecting the brown bin!

As reported in the Peterborough Telegraph, the “£39 annual charge to have garden waste collected will rise to £45”, but no doubt you’re cool with that, right?

What do I think?

Put simply, it’s another schadenfreude policy from the Cons who run the City Council!

Why? Well, by recycling you are helping them reduce their fines for putting rubbish in landfill, so in a logical world you should be rewarded for your efforts, BUT not in Pottyboro, the city that aspires to be Environmental Capital, instead they charge you MORE for helping!

  • Oh, and they also want to charge YOU £25 if YOU lose any of YOUR bins or have them stolen.

PS – Don’t forget to let me know what YOU think, by posting a comment below!

PPS – If you know someone who votes Tory locally, maybe remind them not to in May this year?

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One thought on “You don’t mind paying MORE for your Brown Bin collection, do you?

  • Council tax is high enough for us that actually pay it, to then have to pay for our garden waste to be collected is frustrating. And now a increase!
    It’s disgusting, same old story of increasing our contributions to cover there over spending. Yet again its another blow to the working men & women of this city who work, pay there way while others do not.


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