Good news for ….. #MountstevenAvenue

After being contacted by local residents, who actually live along the well used route of Mountsteven Avenue, regarding the state of the road, I contacted officers at Peterborough City Council.


Comments from local residents included:

“When you hear parents in the school play ground referring to where you live as ‘rough’ and ‘run down’ it personally gets to you and makes you open your eyes more.”

“It’s terrible to look at and drive over. It makes the street look bad and as a resident. Parking and the speed bumps are also a nightmare.”

“We were told it was being done last year but it never happened?”

“After speaking to many of my neighbours as well as staff at the local schools and shops its safe to say that the residents expect our street to look a lot better than it does. It currently resembles a jigsaw which makes it look like it belong in ‘a ghetto’.”

Mountsteven Avenue
Having now spoken with senior officers at the Town Hall, I have been informed by the Senior Engineer of the Highway Maintenance Team at the Council, that the first phase of works to Mountsteven Avenue is due to begin at the start of the Summer Holidays 2018/19.

I have now request further information as to what specifically will be undertaken.

If you have a view or want to let me know what you think the road needs, please let me know below!

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