Council plans to buy homes long overdue! #Homelessness

St Michael's Gate
I certainly learned a lot, when I was campaigning for local residents who were being turfed out of St Michael’s Gate, in order to house homeless individuals.

At the end of last year, it was reported that the Conservative controlled City Council, intends to buy up homes in Peterborough to house the growing numbers of homeless residents.

  • You may remember just over a year or so ago, we discovered that the Council had moved families into a local Travelodge at a seven-figure cost!
  • While at the same time, people in Peterborough also discovered homelessness under the Tories at the Town Hall had risen by 200%!

I for one will of course be interested to find out what properties end up being purchased, and from whom.

Especially, as several opposition councillors have previously called for such action, only to be told it was not a viable option?

Seems, the Tories have changed their position now when it comes to finding the money to house homeless people?

As always, I’d love to know your thoughts on these proposals.

  • I also think that it’s important to remember that 13 years ago, the same Tories, decided to close a centre for the homeless, called St Theresa’s Day Care Centre, something I campaigned on at the time.


One thought on “Council plans to buy homes long overdue! #Homelessness

  • whilst this is good news for abled bodied homeless in the city it does absolutely nothing to redress the absolute zero provision of Part M4 (3b) full spec wheelchair accessible housing, as none have been built for them to buy. There have been a few pathetic examples of cat 2 housing but that is all. The category of adapted special housing for wheelchair users was developed for a reason, not everyone can flex so called lifetime homes cat 2. So yet again the disabled will be blamed for being unable to live fully fulfilled lives because their housing limits them to be prisoners in their own homes.


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