Do UNI plans mean the END for the #PBoroBeerFestival?

Peterborough Beer Festival

This year’s event will be the 41st annual Peterborough Beer Festival.

But, I’m starting to wonder if plans in the pipeline, announced in the City Council’s Local Plan consultation, seem to indicate that it maybe under threat?

As detailed in the consultation document, the local authority is determined to see the “creation of an independent, campus based university which will have an undergraduate population of 12,500 students by 2035.

Last year, it was announced in the local media, that according to the ruling Conservative administration, “the main campus for the proposed University of Peterborough is likely to be built on and around The Embankment.

The same article also makes the point that such a development “would encroach onto the Embankment…” – That’ll be the location where the Beer Festival is held then??

I’ve now requested some more information from the Leader of the Council and highlighted some of my concerns with him.

PS – You might also like to know that the Tories say any development would not provide a complete campus for all the students and so another site would be required. The question that remains unanswered is where would that be?

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