Time to close the Northminster Car Park toilets ……….?

Northminster Car Park Toilets

The Tories at Peterborough City Council are presently “consulting” on their latest budget proposals.

There’s a range of planned cuts, that they say have to be introduced, in order to alleviate the cuts in their Government grant, made by their Tory masters at Whitehall.

One of these cut concepts includes the idea of closing the toilets Northminster Car Park.

This snippet got my attention, as I was reminded that in 2006/07, I discovered these same toilets were “revamped” at a cost of £205,000 …… and were 136+ days late in completion and £15,000 OVER budget!

I do wonder what impact this latest news will have on those people who need regular access to a toilet when visiting the city centre, and what those business at the City Market think about the idea of the Council taking away a basic facility for their customers?

The closure, along with a reduction in floral displays, “would make an annual saving of £57k,” says the Council.

If this gets the go ahead, then this would leave JUST 2 toilets available in the city centre; in the Town Hall (which aren’t available at weekends) and the Car Haven Car Park.

What do YOU think? Please let me know below!

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Problems with the idea
Can YOU think of any problems with the idea??

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