Do YOU believe in Local Democracy? Add your SUPPORT!

Did you know the ex-Tory councillor and now Mayor of the Council, Cllr John Fox, (who gets paid £12,000 a year for being mayor) has decreed members of the Peterborough public, SHOULD NOT be allowed to sit, in the public gallery …. in the Council Chamber!???

What is the public gallery?

It’s the seating area, accessed via the doorway on Bridge Street, and enables members of the public i.e. the people who pay for it all, to pop in a watch proceedings from an elevated position.

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And what ….?

The fact that local citizens/tax payers/voters have been barred from their rightful place for the past 4 meetings, over the last 8 months, in my opinion, is a sad indictment on our local democracy!

Luckily, I’m not the only one to think this, and that’s why we’ve launched the campaign below!

A BIG thank U to all those who have so far added their name.

By adding your support, you’ll be helping us with our petition and in sending a strong message to those at the Town Hall, who sometimes need reminding of their roles and responsibilities.

PS – There’s even been talk of introducing a glass screen, between the public gallery and the councillors ….. at what cost I have no idea, but what sort of message does such a proposal send out?? Please add your support and feel free to drop a comment at the bottom of the page.

Add YOUR support!

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