Bretton Water park, now set to STAY OPEN?


At the start of February 2018 ,the Peterborough Telegraph reported that Peterborough City Council as part of it’s budget proposals had “..declared it will no longer run the popular family attraction in Flaxland in order to save £18,000 a year.”

At a time of bumper pay for senior councillors and officers at the town hall, and another hike in council tax, many local people were not happy!

So what did they do?

Well they secured a lot of community support, media attention and launched a formal petition on the City Council’s website.

  • I’ve added my support to the petition and you can still too, by visiting here!

Then the Tories……. #UTurn

On the 26th February a formal press release was sent out from the Town Hall, that stated, “The future of Bretton Water Park looks set to be secured after Peterborough City Council agreed a deal with Vivacity to operate and fund the popular community resource.

So it’s all good right?

Well maybe not? You see, there are some of us that think this was a Tory smokescreen, to take divert peoples attention from some of the more potent service cuts or increased charges.

Check out my Tweets detailing some of the budget proposals!

Also, given the City Council are proposing to cut the amount of money they give to Vivacity, it does make you wonder why they would then accept more work/responsibility?

Finally, by having Vivacity accept responsibility for the park, some local residents are concerned that this does not secure the future of the facility and that in the near future it will be Vivacity who end up closing it, saving the Council from negative PR?

Don’t forget, if you have a view or thought on this to post a comment below!


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