Two years on ….. the Council have agreed to send a letter! #StMichaelsGateSaga

St Michael's Gate

It’s been nearly two years since Peterborough Conservatives at Peterborough City Council did a DEAL with a (London) property firm to evict 74 tenants from St Michael’s Gate, in Parnwell, many of whom had young children.

The action was justified, by the Council, who said the houses would be used to house local homeless people.

At the time, my colleague Cllr Julia Davidson and local resident/activist Jelana Stevic, started a petition against the plans, as reported in the Peterborough Telegraph.

It’s now been reported, that a cross party group of councillors, have produced a Homeless Reduction Strategy, which if adopted by elected members would see the Tory Cabinet Member for Growth, Planning, Housing and Economic Development, Cllr Peter Hiller write to the Tory Government asking it end widespread use of Section 21 notices, and instead introduce legislation to provide greater tenancy security in the private rented sector.

So put simply….. some fella at the Town Hall is going to write a letter! Given the Council’s success after writing letters to the Government, I’ve now emailed Cllr Hiller, and asked him:

  1. Which councillors have been siting on this cross party working group?
  2. When will councillors have the chance to vote on the Homeless Reduction Strategy?
  3. Where can members of the public read a copy of it?
  4. Will you be sharing the response you get from the government with all councillors?
  5. What date does the present contract with Stef and Philips actually run out?
    When the contract with Stef and Philips expires, what will happen to the present tenants of the properties i.e. do they have assurances that they themselves will not then be evicted?

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