Food bank use in Peterborough ‘up 50% in a year’

Jeremy Corbyn at Food Bank
Rise in food bank use due to “significant problems” with Tories Universal Credit.

What will Labour do?

🌹 Labour will ensure that everyone in the UK has a Right to Food by enshrining it in UK law, in a new Fair Food Act.
🌹 Labour will set a target of ending the need for food banks altogether.
🌹 A £6m Access to Food Fund will be established to kick start the development of local community food plans in the 50 most food deprived areas of the country.

👍🏽 Join the local LABOUR party for as little as £2.17 a month:

2 thoughts on “Food bank use in Peterborough ‘up 50% in a year’

  • Sorry i totally respect the great work YOU are doing, but because its Labour I WON’T be voting for Comrade Corbynov, Forbes.… who only got in on fake/vote rigged voters from Dogsthorpe/Millfield pakistani voters, — keep up the fantastic work Darren


  • Food Banks are the result of successive Tory governments forcing austerity on the poorest, while those at the top are allowed to award themselves excessive salaries and unwarranted bonuses, as at Thomas Cook.


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