Pennine Way dog poo problems persist!

Pennine Way, in Gunthorpe, has a footpath access to the John Clare Rec. Sadly, it also seems to have an ongoing issue with certain dog owners not cleaning up after themselves.


What Daren has to say:

I’m fully aware that 99% of local dog owners do clear up after themselves, and therefore I am hopeful that the recent problems relate to one or two people, who may be passing through the area.

I have now contacted one of the senior council officers and asked them if they can look to provide a solution or two.

  • To start with I would appreciate some of the temporary “clean up” spray messages along the footpath.
  • I also think a dog/general waste bin could be attached to the railing outside the footpath entrance.
  • Plus, the introduction of dog/waste bins at either end of Pennine Way, on the corner of the junctions of with Gunthorpe Road and Hallfields Lane.

What do YOU think?

If you’ve got a view, then please do let me know by posting below!

One thought on “Pennine Way dog poo problems persist!

  • I walk my dog in Gunthorpe,Werrington and Walton there is dog mess every where, I have noticed especially in the winter months when the day light is short also the dog waste bins don’t get emptied very often with a mound of poo bags sitting beneath them.
    I would also like to raise the concern to the amount of litter that’s being dropped , Gunthorpe has never really had the problem until the last year ,is there anything that you might be able to do?

    Kind regards
    Neil Clements


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