3 things RE: planned Uni of Peterborough, that no-one seems to care about?

University of Peterborough
Q: Will someone you know be one of the first students to attend?

The City Council recently announced some further details on the planned University of Peterborough.

“Skills growth, however, has not kept up and skills levels in Peterborough are currently in the bottom 10% of the country.” – Mayor James Palmer (Cons)

Snippets to be aware of:

  • There aren’t enough workers in Peterborough with the right skills for businesses in Peterborough to thrive and, as a result, the affluence of the area has declined.
  • University of Peterborough aims to open its doors to its first 2,000 students in 2022. By 2030, it is expected to offer courses for up to 12,500 students.
  • The first three faculties of the University are set to include business, innovation entrepreneurship and professional services; information technology, digital and creative services and Agri-tech and environmental services.
  • Planned future faculties include health and social care, engineering, manufacturing and advanced manufacturing.

Got a question

What Darren has to say:

  1. In 2 years time, the Council says that the new Uni will accommodate 2000 students. I presume that Peterborough has more than 2000 students each year leaving for Uni, and given that there may be some students applying from outside the city, who and how will allocation of spaces be determined?
  2. Given the thousands of extra bods planned to live in our city, where will they live and what assurances can the Council secure, to ensure that private rental prices do not rise even further than they have in recent years?
  3. There’s zero way that the present planned space on the embankment, can house 12,500 students. Therefore, where else in the city, will the campus be and will money be made available to improve community/transport infrastructure?

Are YOU free?

Proposals for the new University of Peterborough will be “revealed” to the public in the coming days, please see below.

University of Peterborough

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