Tory backtrack on Housing Allowance rate freeze – A bit too late!

Housing Allowance rate

The Conservative government recently announced plans to end Local Housing Allowance rate freeze.

Thing is ….. recent research from the National Housing Federation (NHF) showed that just 0.96% of the total properties advertised for private rent in Peterborough, were “actually” affordable!

If you search for private accommodation in this area, under £450 a month, you’re lucky if you get 1 option, often you get none!

Instead, what we are seeing, is more and more properties like this one in Troutbeck Close, being converted into a house share.


What does Darren think?

Despite this long-overdue move, many people’s housing benefit will still fall far short of covering their rent.

The Conservatives’ four-year freeze followed a series of cuts and together they have cruelly pushed many of Peterborough’s private tenants into poverty.

Often people face impossible choices between paying the rent and meeting other essential bills.

Nationally, Labour is calling on this government to increase the level of Housing Benefit to ensure that people on low incomes are not put at risk of homelessness and destitution.

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