Will Werrington Brook money remain?

The work at Werrington Brook project, is one of the biggest improvement schemes in this area’s history.

Whilst the work is welcome, it is also important that the local community see improved standards remain.

A formal Council report, published last year, showed that tens of thousands of pounds had already been allocated towards the project and that another £40k had been planned into the Capital Programme Schemes for the 2023/24.

Given the stated of the finances of the Conservative controlled City Council, and given that I had received no recent updates, I thought it best to check and see whether this money is secure?

Therefore, I have now contacted the relevant Council Director at the Town Hall and requested clarity on what this money will be spent on and whether it is ring-fenced.

Once I have an update, I will of course share with you.

What about you?

What are your thoughts on the Werrington Brook, are you happy with what the project has so far achieved? Do you think more needs to be? What would you like to see?

Please drop me a comment below!


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