Tories will make budget decision B4 consultation ends?


The Tories at the Town Hall have just launched the first phase of their budget plan, interestingly the consultation ends on 30th November, yet at “a Cabinet meeting on Monday 20 November 2017, members will be asked to approve the first set of proposals for consultation….” – So the Tories will be taking a decision before local people have had their final say?

“…we are no longer sufficiently funded by government to provide the services we want to deliver for residents and the 2018/19 budget will be the most challenging yet.” – Councillor John Holdich

Other interesting points this year are:

  • When the austerity programme was first launched, local Tories described the cuts as with words like “efficiency“, now even the leader of the Tories is admitting the actions are “cuts!”
  • This will be the first time the Tories at the Town Hall have had to put a budget together without their financial guru John Harrison for over a decade! (We’re STILL not sure why he left the authority the other month?)

“..the same time the council has seen unprecedented increases in demand for services, in particular those in housing need and adults and the elderly needing care and support.” – Peterborough City Council

Other bits to bear in mind:

  • Thanks to the Tory Government’s austerity programme, in 2013/14 the city council received £55 million in Revenue Support Grant and this will have reduced to just £15 million in 2018/19 and then £10 million in 2019/20.
  • In terms of homelessness, the council has seen a 200% rise in the number of homeless families requiring temporary accommodation in just the past two years.
  • Senior Tory Councillors say they are lobbying government for extra funding and already have meetings set up with our MPs and have been in discussion with the Local Government Association, but I do wonder what there’ll be doing different this time and why they’ve not done it to date?

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Academisation set to cost City Council hundreds of thousands of £’s!

What’s this about then?

As reported last year, the Tory government is pretty much forcing schools to become academies, and it’s said that every school in Peterborough will be run by an academy trust by 2025.

However, as detailed in this years Budget Consultation document, the Tory controlled City Council in Peterborough, say they expect to lose around £610,000 over the next 5 years, as a result!

The loss figure has been arrived at, as the Council will no longer receive business rates from schools.

At preset just over a quarter of the city’s schools are academies meaning they run independently of the city council and receive funding directly from Government.

With every school that converts to an academy, the council sees a reduction in the amount it receives in business rates and therefore won’t receive the amount that has been budgeted for in coming years. – PCC

What does Darren think?

If schools are performing well, why should they need to change? And if academisation is so brilliant, why do schools have to be forced to do it?

And why would anyone want schools with no parent governors? Not even one?

Not forgetting that the democratic accountability will be removed, as they’ll no longer be accountable to the local authority, which is made up of people elected by the local population to hold such organisations to account?

It doesn’t make any sense at all.

Unless of course it’s just an expensive way to eradicate previously poor Ofsted reports?


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