Guess how many £s PCC got when they flogged their Ferrero Rocher Xmas Tree?

Christmas Tree

When the Tories at the Town Hall in Peterborough, introduced their “fancy” Christmas Tree, which cost £40,000, it ended up being listed by the BBC as one of the most “hopeless” trees in the country!

And now it’s been sold!


So, from now on, if you “were” a fan of the silver tree you will need to pop along to the Wisbech Town Council events.

You see, because the tree was so lovely, no other Councils wanted it!

But, the Tories in Peterborough were lucky. Their Tory colleagues in Wisbech held “discussions” with them, and agreed to take the tree off their hands.

And the amount they paid? Well, despite the tree costing £40,000 in the first instance, Wisbech Town Council managed to agree a fee of £0 with PCC!

The Wisbech Tories even went to the local media to boast about their coup!!

When Pboro Conservatives claim to be good with managing taxpayers money!

Two other things …