Suicide rate in Peterborough has decreased

Health Scrutiny Committee

Members of the Councils’ Health Scrutiny Committee have been told:

The suicide rate in Peterborough has decreased steadily since 2010-2012 when the rate was significantly above both the England and East of England rates and is now similar to the England average.

This is obviously good news, and I have no doubt that the decision to finally erect barriers on the Queensgate car park have been a factor …. It’s a real shame that they were not erected earlier!

Whilst I welcome the news, I still believe we need more support for public mental health and well-being in Peterborough.

The Conservative controlled City Council must address this and the need for services which identify and support those at risk.

They must also ensure that suicide prevention is given greater priority, so that fewer families experience the heartache of losing a family member to suicide.

For example, I would like to see the telephone number for the Samaritans advertised in locations likely to be used for suicide, such as the train station, and publicity messages adorned to the walls of underpasses and alley ways, throughout the city.

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Going through a difficult time? #WeListen

“Stagecoach buses are hopeless……”

Bus Station

A local resident contacted me about the issue of how long it takes to get into town, by bus, which made me wonder what your thoughts or experiences are?

The resident told me, “The bus takes 20+ minutes to get me to Queensgate. I often can’t spare that long, when the drive is less than 10 mins.”

The irony of course, is that the more cars on the road of Peterborough has a direct effect and negative affect upon the reliability of the buses i.e. when the road are not busy the buses run well.

Another resident of Swale Avenue, also told me Stagecoach buses are hopeless. Every 10 minutes, is more like every 20 at times, especially early evening between 4pm and 6pm. The only buses that run on time are the 10.30pm and 11.30pm buses from the city centre.”

Generally speaking, I find the number 1 and 2 buses pretty good, and while they sometimes may take an extra few minutes to get into the city centre, you do of course have the benefit of being able to switch off and let someone else drive.

That said, maybe we need to be looking at introducing bus lanes, in order to a) make the buses run smoother and b) to encourage people out of their cars?

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