Enjoyable Q and A session with students from St John Fisher School @sjfpeterborough

With students and head teacher Sean Hayes.
With students and head teacher Sean Hayes.

I had an enjoyable chat recently with students from St John Fisher, after receiving an invite from the school’s head teacher to take part in a question and answers session.

I was pleasantly impressed with the students knowledge of politics and the present nation issues and policies, of the major parties.

From the response that I received directly afterwards and subsequently on-line, it seems that I made a pretty positive impact?

St John Fisher Catholic High School is the Catholic secondary school for the Peterborough area.
St John Fisher Catholic High School is the Catholic secondary school for the Peterborough area.

One of the nice comments I received afterwards was this one:

“My niece was there. She and her friends were well impressed with you. She said your performance persuaded some of them to vote Lib-Dems.

“Their least favourite was a certain Stewart Jackson. No surprises there!” (Source)

It’s a shame a few more schools in the city do not undertake a similar exercise in order to encourage interest amongst their students?

The school has some 750 students aged 11-18.
The school has some 750 students aged 11-18.
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Well done to those parents who do walk with their children to school! @pcctravelchoice

Commenting, local Lib Dem ward councillor, Darren Fower, said:

“Over the past 20 years, the percentage of children travelling to school by car has doubled, almost 40% of primary and 20% of seconday age children are now driven to school each day.

“In Peterborough, this factor was exacerbated by the Tory controlled City Council, when they closed down perfectly good schools a few years ago, eventually flogging off land for housing or supermarkets, such as Bretton Woods and Honeyhill.”

The school run can mean significant cost implications, with families spending over £300 annually on the drive to school in petrol costs and wear and tear to the average car.

Children who walk to school learn more about their local environment – they find out who their neighbours are and make friends as they chat to other children on the way to school.

Werrington Primary School

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  • Nearly half (48%) of children would like to walk or bike to school even more if they could, says a new survey carried out by a specialist child research agency, ChildWise, in partnership with the Department of Transport (DfT) in 2004.
  • The younger children who walk use about 75% of the number of calories travelling to and from school that they would from two hours of PE.
  • The older children use over one third more in walking than they do in two hours of PE, especially the boys.

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